Company Profile

Intelligent Industrial Products and Innovations Connect to The Future World

Iberg is the professional wire harness system manufacturer. Our innovative solutions are applied to many fields, such as home electrical appliances, commercial electrical appliances, multimedia, production of motor vehicle and special vehicle. The updating of intelligent-industrial manufacturing can almost provide the best connection to all modern life aspects.

Trusted Industrial Partners

In recent decades, the world becomes more connected. As a supplier of electrical wiring and wiring harness system, we always keep up with the pace of development of the times. As a result, we have become the popular cooperation partner and developer of the major international manufacturers. Based on our advanced concepts, our highly developed and well-researched products will make our clients’ innovation process more secure and efficient; it also helps them to achieve the goal of environmental friendly.

Historical Inheritance

Iberg is doing inherit and innovation based on the fundamental of Forte, a professional manufacturer of electric wire harness company which has more than 20 years’ operating experience in this field. Our company mainly focus on the highly growth core market of household appliances, commercial electrical appliances, multimedia, automobile manufacturing and special vehicles. We enthusiastically provide customers with the best service throughout the development process. Our major mission is to understand customers’ requirements and present the perfect match of customized solutions.

Products Innovations and Services

Iberg provides outstanding products innovations, technologies and services, and constantly commits to find out environmental friendly and “green development” solutions. This commitment has permanently been associated with our entire value chain.