Career and development

Elite Resource Based View

Employee creativity, flexibility and the service path to our customer are the key elements leading our success. All of the facts are based on the employees who are contributing themselves to Iberg. As this result, we highly evaluate our agent not only in compensation and welfare, but also focus on creating a substantial working environment to our members. Employee in Iberg will be treating equally and the transparency of Iberg provides a chance to our fellow to advance their future career training.


lberg consider safety, moderate, and public communication as a prerequisite of working condition to our employee. Moreover, we encourage our employee to allocate their own working schedule dependent of personal specialty. We have a strong vision in keeping our employee under a healthy circumstance. We certainly collect feedback timely to ensure employee’s motivation, communication and corporate culture. In order to enhance the concentration of the company, we also set up activities for our staff and faculty such as employee celebration. In addition, we also inspire member to meet with the leadership and give their recommendations.

To Ensure Personal Success

The only time success comes before work is in dictionary. Joining Iberg, we try to provide the ideal conditions to help each employee to thrive. The internship is designed to help new hires to adapt their roles as quickly as possible. From the outset, employees need to deal with a broad range of demanding projects and also need to know that our staff will have the opportunity to continually expand their existing skills and knowledge and inform them that they will be developed in a very short time of the work area. To ensure their success, employees and supervisors will discuss and agree on a set of goals that are linked to our strong corporate culture-communication and feedback. At Iberg, we are always willing to spend more time and flexibility to ensure that each employee’s career development can be more comphrehensive.

Training and Development Plan

We believe that success exists only when the combination of creativity and expertise to achieve a win-win situation, we will develop a unique staff training program. Providing employees with the opportunities to improve their skill levels, whether in a particular region or across multiple positions (divisions). These programs cover a broad range of topics in the working environment and the natural environment, including health, safety management, time management and language courses in the working environment and the natural environment. Also, there are specialized training courses to improve the understanding and judgment of cross-culture, as well as the in-house training and training of project management, technical skills, and methodology. This enables employees to fully consolidate their expertise and skills while reaching out to new areas, while at the same time stimulating their greater potential in the professional arena. At the time of the work, all of these projects will also be part of the on-the-job training. In addition, we will often discuss whether the staff can expand the field of work, whether the development of the staff is more favorable. Our open door policy welcomes and supports any meaningful thoughts and actions, and we are happy that employees can come up with constructive ideas, such as the rotation of jobs.