Quality and social responsibility

Quality and social responsibility

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No quality today, no business tomorrow.
We have received ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Under this premise, we will operate as highly efficiency, quality control and profitability, to cope with the challenges of the global market.
To ensure the continuous improvement in production technology and other professional knowledge of top-level configuration requirements, we will create the necessary material prerequisite, throughout the forward-looking vision of investing into the most advanced of machinery and factory equipment.
We are applying process-oriented management system to enhance the continuously improvement of business process, to ensure the highest possible interests of customers, meanwhile to ensure that the company's competitiveness, and thus to confirm that the company's market position in the future.

Ecological Responsibility

The ecological environment is the basic responsibility of enterprises, focusing on the considerations and actions of ecological protection is one of the pioneering factors that can influence the successful development. Our enterprise's basic strategy is beginning with the initiated design into the long-term stable development and environmental protection activities.
Iberg has been united to defend environmental protection in the long time. In the product planning and implementation phase, we have been respected to be able to develop environmental friendly products and production of environmentally friendly technology. Saving resources, implementation of environmental objectives and reduce waste from beginning to end.



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