Green technology

Growing shortage of resources and environmental pressures need to react and act at all levels of society

The industrial requires developing sustainable, energy saving techniques, products and applying methods. It also requires the development and application of new materials and new energy. Iberg efforts targeted from the ecological aspects, in accordance with the approved of "green technology" approved to provide environmental protection products.

Iberg takes sustainable development as a solid part of company policy. In our concepts, this goal includes all aspects of energy utilization and highly effective products, systematic solution and service as well, in order to reduce emission and environmental pollution.

1. Environmental design, our goal is to enhance our cable products in the low-emission standard, the proportion of compatible environmental friendly raw materials, and improving the handling of materials and components recycling capacity.

2. The production process control, in the manufacturing process, throughout the deployment of efficient energy-saving machinery and the implementation of heat recovery measures, we are continuously optimizing energy efficiency. In our global production network, more and more equipment passed the ISO14001 environmental certification.

3. Utilizing of new materials, we provide more and more products and solutions, directly services in the green market and applications, or as input goods and components to serve the green terminal applications.